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Every business owner gets to a point in their business journey where they feel stuck: where they are doing a great job running the business, but not enough time is being spent on working “on” the business to propel it’s growth. Going through this stage should be embraced as it presents an opportunity to try new things that could lead to the acceleration of a business’ growth.

Andy Oliver has been there, asked for help, grew, and eventually sold his business with a great result. He is a former client of STUCK Coaching, and now wants to help other entrepreneurs! We are excited to add him as one of our Certified 5 Star Advisors!  

Andy Oliver owns the Milwaukee-based advisory company, Accel Advisory Group.

He owns the Milwaukee-based business advisory company, Accel Advisory Group, dedicated to helping business owners work ‘on’ their business. Andy brings over 25 years of experience with being a senior executive, developing businesses, overseeing operations, and being an entrepreneur!

 “A huge part of business growth is maintaining a great culture and developing teams. Accel Advisory Group also helps clients develop their Single-Page Plan and align their staff to it. The accountability and trust that comes with this is what helps the owner work on the business.” Andy said of the proven advisory process that once helped his previous business grow and is now providing to clients.

Transferring A Track Record of Success

Andy is experienced in many areas of business. He has worked in executive roles in firms such as Fitch Investors and Global Decisions Group/MCM, which lead him to become the co-founder of New York’s Bondsonline Group, a fixed-income investor information services site.

Andy lived in New York in 2001. After the events that September, he became inspired to help First Responders. He kicked off Gear Wash, a company dedicated to providing cleaning and repair services of life-safety equipment to the firefighting and manufacturing industries.

Andy started Gear Wash to give back to First Responders

During his time as Founder and President of Gear Wash, Andy started working with STUCK Coaching. The business advisory company helped him use the strategic planning and execution tools that helped Gear Wash “get unstuck”. 

“For the final 3 years that I owned Gear Wash, we achieved a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22%, a 158% increase in profitability and a resulting successful sale for a high multiple.” Andy said.

Gear Wash cleans and repairs firefighting and manufacturing equipment.

Now, Andy is focused on giving back to entrepreneurs in similar situations that he was in.

Accel Advisory Group provides streamlined strategic planning, single-page plan execution methods, and employee development strategies. In light of his experience, Accel Advisory Group offers business preparation for sale strategies. Their advising is collaborative to encourage a hands-on, empathic, and focused method to growth.

We encourage small and midsized businesses to email Andy to learn about his experience and the unique value he brings! He can be emailed at

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