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Business Peer Advisory Groups That Focus on Strategy and Growth

You are a CEO, owner, executive, president, or other leader who works hard and deserves to be part of something that truly helps your business grow. There is no better way to learn new tips and techniques on how to grow than by learning and coaching other peers.  Business peer advisory groups add much more value to business leaders as real issues are addressed on a confidential case-by-case basis.  Best practices are shared and experts are brought in to talk about monthly topics.

STUCK Breakthrough Strategies offers a greatly enhanced way participants benefit from group participation. Our structure has participants strategically create initiatives and goals to maximize their accountability and results. Each member gets time allotted to them to talk about their business and receive feedback accordingly.

We appreciate the busyness and urgency that you face every day, so we created a way for business owners, CEOs, executives, and other leaders who share a passion for business growth to assist each other in doing so!

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How Will I Benefit from STUCK’s Business Peer Advisory Groups


Systems, Strategies & Growth Tools to Create and Execute Plans


Created, used, and has grown many businesses


Discussions are Strategic and Related to Plan


Peers & Tools Keep You, and your team, accountable


Each Member Gives & Receives Advice Related to Issues They Are Currently Dealing With

Growth-Based Tools

Focused on Engaging Staff

Using Growth-Based Tools in Your Business Advisory Group

You will use the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies tools throughout your participation in the program (or, you can use the tools on a one-on-one basis with a certified advisor). These tools are complimentary to your current business methods.

STUCK’s process involves the proven process of assessing, planning, creating, and deploying a Single-Page Plan.

After the single-page plan has been deployed, you are put on a monthly execution process. The ability to execute is where the plan comes to life as staff becomes more engaged in the business!

This execution process is a disciplined cycle that facilitates achievement of the business plan. It includes aligning staff to the plan through the updating:

30/60/90 Day Financial Forecast

The Targets on the Single-Page Plan

Must Do/Can’t Miss Accountability Items

Status of Key Sales Opportunities

This plan, as well as it’s accountability, execution, and financial tools, are housed in the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform, our cloud-based software. A minimal amount of time is spent in this software and it is easy to access amongst the staff members in your business.

The video below discusses the process and the business growth strategies involved.


How is this different from other Peer Advisory Groups?


Businesses Are Put On A Proven Growth Plan

Process includes the training and implementation of sustainable deployment and execution tools

Business Plan Is Simple, Actionable, and Based On Financials

Each Peer Is Put On Hot Seat To Review Key Initiatives and Goals

Process Focuses Strongly on Accountability and Rigor

Tools are Brought Back to Company for Staff to Implement 

Cloud-Based Tool Is Adaptable And Scalable


How do these Peer Advisory Groups work?

A Step-by-Step Look

Certified Facilitators Put Together & Run Groups Of Small-To-Midsize Businesses

Facilitator Takes Each Member Through STUCK’s Advisory Process of Creating a Single-Page Plan

Each Member & Their Staff Goes Through The Plan’s Monthly Execution Cycle

At The End Of The Month, Group Meets To Report On Plan, Ask Advice, Engage, and Remain Accountable

Members Bring Back The Best Practices, Tools, and Action Items To Their Business

The Monthly Process Repeats After a Month


After A Year, The Process of Creating The Single-Page Plan Starts Again


How to Join a Business Peer Advisory Group

Contact us so we learn about your goals

Together, we will pair you up with a peer advisory group (either remote or in person).

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