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My involvement within a STUCK Peer Advisory Group has helped me become a better leader. Now, my staff is much more engaged and accountable to the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies process which has helped improve our morale!

Ana Lopez, Owner, ALLCON

STUCK has helped us identify our company’s real purpose and helped us create a plan to grow into the business we’re best suited for. Our growth has been phenomenal and our team is more energized and focused than ever before.

Mike Harpster, President, Capital Electric Wire & Cable

I got my discipline back since working with STUCK. I now focus on things that grow my business vs. things that just kept me busy and frustrated.

Andy Oliver, Owner/President, Gear Wash

The STUCK Breakthrough Strategies tools have assisted us in accomplishing more in the first year than the previous seven years including the last five since we’ve owned the business. The tools are simple and methodical and allow us to focus on growth.

Al Leidinger, President, Mathison Manufacturing

We had a customer in who does over a billion in sales each year. We showed them our STUCK Breakthrough Strategies tools like our Single Page Plan, our Sales War Room and our 30/60/90 Must Do/Can’t Board. They said the difference between our process and tools and theirs is that we live it and they still can’t get it right.

Ken Welsch, VP Production/Quality, Mathison Manufacturing

Paul and the team at STUCK via their experience and their STUCK Breakthrough Strategies® Platform have increased our efficiency and cohesiveness. Guided by fundamentals, the creation of a culture of growth and the addition of the accountability that drives execution, our team can now work towards a Single-Page Plan. This plan allows us to coalesce around key performance indicators vital to the future of the business.

Thomas Masterson, President, MediVet Biologics

I needed to get my arms around my business and its growth. The STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform, tools, and process helped me do just that. It’s simple, scalable, and makes business easy for my employees to understand. With the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform, we spend more time looking forward than back.

Tim Schmidt, Owner/President, Schmidt Custom Floors, Inc.

Our previous business plan was 50 pages in a binder on a shelf that no one read. With STUCK Breakthrough Strategies®, our new plan is condensed to a single page that we consistently review, follow, and take the necessary actions to achieve the plan. Previous to STUCK, we didn’t do that at all and we were stuck. Now, with the Single-Page Plan, we’re definitely unstuck.

Neil Karolek, CEO, TLX Industries

Before we were purchased by STUCK, we wondered about whether or not the doors to the business would be open at any given day. Now, we’re actually planning ahead on how we’re going to manage our growth. The STUCK tools and process have educated the leadership team and given them a voice which has led to great results. The STUCK team is friendly, practical, fair and yet challenges us to grow leading me to ask, “Why wouldn’t anyone want to run a business this way?”

Mike Kutz, Plant Manager, Vendura Industries

Since the STUCK purchase, this place has changed remarkably. We’ve all been advised on becoming more self-aware and more appreciative of others communication styles. This has made us all more effective in our roles to our benefit and, more importantly, to our customer’s benefit.

David Rusher, Quality Assurance Manager/Lab Manager, Vendura Industries

As real estate developers, we are entrepreneurial by nature. Being entrepreneurial has helped us grow our business at a rapid pace. However, we quickly realized that without a plan, this growth was not sustainable. STUCK Breakthrough Strategies® has the tools that we needed to get our arms around the business and get everyone on the same page. Our Single-Page Plan engages the entire team and promotes the development of our next generation of leaders which is vital to our future success. The Single-Page Plan helps everyone hold themselves and others accountable and creates an easy venue to have difficult conversations. It acts as a recalibration tool and compass to help guide us out of the weeds when we get STUCK! What seems overwhelming is actually manageable when you have a plan.

Chad Venne, Executive VP of Property Management, Wangard Partners

The STUCK Breakthrough Strategies process is very streamlined and keeps us on track. The simple Single-Page Plan, internal communication schedule, and 30/60/90 Must Do/Can’t Miss Board has made growth easier by increasing our accountability to our plan. By better defining our roles and training needs for each role, the performance of our staff has greatly improved. Before STUCK, we never really planned ahead, but now that has become the primary role of our leaders which has accelerated our growth.

Scot and Carolyn Trojanowski, Owners, Z.T. Distribution, Inc.

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