Our Journey of Getting Unstuck and discovering our breakthrUs



The business advisory company, BreakthrU Coaching, was founded in 2014, under the name Stuck Inc, to live out the passion of imparting the lessons the three of us – Jerry Jendusa, Jim Harasha, and Paul Schulls – learned from growing our basement start-up, EMTEQ, to an international 100M+ organization


This business journey involved us getting stuck, making numerous mistakes and learning many lessons.  To breakthrU, we created and perfected strategies, processes, and tools to enable EMTEQ to scale at the rate that it did. These strategies revolved around the creation and execution of our Single-Page Plan. This plan, and its execution model, aligned the business to the same goals, engaged staff, and accelerated EMTEQ’s growth.

In 2014, we sold EMTEQ and we started the second halves of our careers. We started BreakthrU Coaching to live out our calling of being empathetic and passionate business advisors, sharing the same “breakthrough strategies” we used to grow EMTEQ.

Now, we aim to help other like-minded entrepreneurs and coaches who truly want to not only accelerate growth, but also sustain that growth.

the EMTEQ story


  • Muskego Manufacturing Business of the Year
  • Waukesha Business Alliance Manufacturing Business of the Year
  • State of Wisconsin Emerging Class Manufacturing Business of the Year
  • Future 50 Southeastern Wisconsin Business of the Year
  • Master Metal Winner
  • Inc 500 Business of the Year
  • State of Wisconsin Government Exports Achievement

Today, the strategies that enabled EMTEQ to scale are being used with businesses of all different sizes and industries. Beyond purely driving growth, our tools have been used to help with succession planning, training and development, aligning staff, prioritizing initiatives, selling businesses, and that’s just to name a few uses.

We also partner with advisors, consultants, associations, and service providers to provide them with the tools needed to enhance their services. These organizations have taken advantage of our tools by facilitating innovative business peer advisory groups, as well as one-on-one advising.




Co-Founder, President & Advisor

Paul became the Co-Founder, Advisor, Trainer and President of BreakthrU Coaching to further live out his talents of maximizing the effectiveness of teams and the development of individuals to help them reach their fullest potential. As an advisor, he enjoys working with his clients and facilitating their strategic planning, deployment, and execution to drive their profit. Throughout his career, he has developed systems, processes and methods used to increase the growth of both businesses and their talent. His proven strategies are made available and used in the BreakthrU Strategies Platform. To give back to aspiring entrepreneurs, he is serving as the Program Director for Scale Up Milwaukee’s Growth Accelerator Program. He is excited to offer his expertise and advice to new entrepreneurs. Prior to BreakthrU Coaching, Paul worked as a clinician and administrator in the healthcare industry for 16 years. Here, he used his talents to integrate and establish goals for his team. He later joined EMTEQ as the Chief Executive of Organizational Development, Human Resources and Continuous Improvement where he created EMTEQ University, an in-house professional development program, and assisted in the creation of the Single-Page Plan. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, and a Master of Business Administration degree from Cardinal Stritch University.



Co-Founder, Owner & Advisor

Jerry started BreakthrU and co-founded BreakthrU Coaching to follow his passion of helping small businesses grow by giving back to entrepreneurs. Jerry lives to inspire other entrepreneurs who are looking for their next breakthrough to find the courage to reach out for help. He does this by telling the story of how he grew his company, EMTEQ, from a basement start-up to an international 100M business and the lessons he learned along the journey. Along with advising his companies, he is an active member of the entrepreneurship community. Jerry is a co-chair of Scale Up Milwaukee, an advisory member for the UWM Lubar Center for Entrepreneurship’s Entrepreneurship in Residence Program and a mogul on Milwaukee’s own TV program, Project Pitch It. He was the Co-Founder, majority owner, Chairman, CEO and President at EMTEQ for 18 years. Jerry graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance. Since the start of EMTEQ, he has won the following awards: EY Midwest Entrepreneur of the Year EY Finalist National Entrepreneur of the Year BizTimes Bravo! Entrepreneur of the Year BizStarts 2019 Hall of Fame Inductee




Jim serves as an advisor and investor for his businesses and assists in areas including operational excellence, continuous improvement and production flow. With the development of the BreakthrU Strategies Platform, Jim used his talents to facilitate its process and value stream mapping, which was essential to turning BreakthrU vision into reality. Before BreakthrU Coaching, Jim co-founded EMTEQ and used his talents in many roles including being the VP of Operations, Plant Manager, and a resource for IT solutions. He worked there for 18 years and assisted the company in growing from a basement start-up to more than 100M in revenue. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Wisconsin-Platteville in Industrial Technologies and a minor in Computer Sciences.



Administrator and Platform Trainer

Morgan has helped with the development, management, training, and administration of the BreakthrU Strategies Platform. She works closely with the team to support their day-to-day operations. Prior to BreakthrU, Morgan has taken on and enjoyed roles such as being an assistant manager, trainer, and empathetic resource to others who have had the same struggles and questions as her. Morgan studied and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing.



Financial Controller

Cynthia serves as the financial controller for BreakthrU and assists with the financial accounting, procedures, and controls for the BreakthrU investment companies. Before BreakthrU, Cynthia worked as a senior manager for a large business consulting firm specializing in installing large financial computer systems and operations. As an entrepreneur, she started a specialty retail business and understands the struggles of growth in changing economic climates. This experience helped her launch a successful career as a consultant for small-medium sized businesses needing additional financial skills and experience. Cynthia graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Madison with a BBA in Accounting

Entrepreneurial Initiatives and Giving Back

For the BreakthrU Family of Companies, untapping human potential extends far beyond our family of companies. Here’s a look at some of the breakthroughs we’ve uncovered by partnering with other passionate, dedicated and inspiring organizations that promote entrepreneurialism.

Scale Up Milwaukee

Scale Up Milwaukee transforms the culture of growth in the region through events and programming designed to infuse growth and spread inclusive economic prosperity. Their Growth Accelerator and SPARC programs work to propel the growth of small businesses, including minority owned businesses to help entrepreneurs “breakthrough” and change the world.

Project Pitch It

Project Pitch It is Milwaukee’s own version of the nationally broadcasted TV show, Shark Tank. This show has aspiring local entrepreneurs showcase their business ideas to a panel of business moguls from the area. In addition to getting their ideas evaluated, contestants get to ask questions, get advice, get their name known, and the potential to have their business plans supported.

UWM Lubar Entrepreneurship Center

Centered around the idea of innovation, entrepreneurship, and its value for Milwaukee, the UWM Lubar Entrepreneurship Center is a resource for student, staff, business leaders, and the community. It serves as a collaboration and entrepreneurial hub for students to discuss new ideas, create prototypes, and attend entrepreneurial classes. In addition, speakers will be able to present, the community can have meetings, and it also serves as the welcoming center for prospective students.