A Simplified Approach to Business Growth…

Assess, Create, Deploy, and Execute YOUR Plan

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Business Advising

Our strategic, consolidated business advising structure has been designed to help you move your business forward and experience growth.

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Become an Advisor

Certified STUCK Advisors serve their clients by following our process, strategies, and tools, while being encouraged to use their own, too.

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The STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform

We created the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform to serve as the navigation for small businesses to achieve a systematic approach to growth. It is a cloud-based product that is based off our strategies and tools that we used to grow our company, EMTEQ, from a basement start-up to an international 100M business.

Grow Your Business By:

  • Managing the 30/60/90 Must Do/Can’t Miss Accountability Board
  • Aligning your people, processes, strategy and financials to one plan
  • Minimizing waste through a defined meeting schedule that you create
  • And much more!
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Get Ready to Break Through Walls

Written by one of STUCK’s co-founders, Jerry Jendusa, “Get Unstuck: Strategies, Tools, and Courage to Move Your Business to the Next Level” is your roadmap to transforming your business.
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STUCK was founded in 2014 to live out the passion of imparting the lessons the three of us – Jerry Jendusa, Jim Harasha, and Paul Schulls – learned from growing the basement start-up, EMTEQ, to an international 100M organization. During our time with this business, our team came across a lot of inflection points that got us stuck. Along the way, we created the tools and strategies that helped us get unstuck – which led to the growth of our business.
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Jerry Jendusa


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Paul Schulls


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Jim Harasha


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