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Assess, Create, Deploy, and Execute YOUR Plan

Sustainable Business Growth Tools

Business Peer Advisory Groups

Join a peer advisory group that focuses on business growth through the creation, execution, and alignment to your business plan.
Grow with a Peer Group

Become an Advisor

Certified STUCK Advisors increase their potential effectiveness and earnings through our efficient, holistic and flexible coaching models.

Scale Your Consulting Business

Grow and Maintain Membership

Business associations take advantage of STUCK’s growth model that puts members on a proven process that leads to member loyalty and association growth.

Membership Growth Strategies

Enhance Your Services

Offer innovative programs that focus on growing your clients’ businesses – while you get ready to scale yours!

Tools for Service Providers

The STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Model

The STUCK Breakthrough Strategies business coaching system serves as the navigation for small and midsized businesses to achieve a systematic and sustainable approach to growth. Today, these business advisory tools have grown businesses, associations, coaching companies, and service organizations. Businesses use our proven tools as they were the secret to what grew our previous company, EMTEQ, from a basement start-up to an international 100M business.

Grow your business By:

  • Joining a focused & effective business peer advisory group
  • Achieving and remaining accountable to a plan
  • Utilizing sustainable business coaching tools & resources
  • Implementing innovative ways to add and retain clients
  • Engaging staff so owners can work “on” the business
How We Impact Businesses

Get Ready to Break Through Walls

Written by one of STUCK’s co-founders, Jerry Jendusa, “Get Unstuck: Strategies, Tools, and Courage to Move Your Business to the Next Level” is your roadmap to transforming your business.
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STUCK’s Leadership

STUCK was founded in 2014 to live out the passion of imparting the lessons the three of us – Jerry Jendusa, Jim Harasha, and Paul Schulls – learned from growing the basement start-up, EMTEQ, to an international 100M organization. During our time with this business, our team came across a lot of inflection points that got us stuck. Along the way, we created the tools and strategies that helped us get unstuck – which led to the growth of our business.
Jerry Jendusa STUCK

Jerry Jendusa


Paul Schulls STUCK

Paul Schulls


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Jim Harasha


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