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Turning Current States into Future Ones with Local Businesses

Posted on May 29, 2018 by Morgan Plagenz

“How do I know how much my business is worth?”


“What can I do now to change my culture?”


“How do I change my current state into a desired future one?”


We have asked ourselves these questions, and plenty more. During our journey of starting and growing a business, we got stuck and unstuck many times.  Our next goal is to help other growth-minded entrepreneurs overcome their own inflection points.


Now we want to help


Recently, we hosted a small group discussion with local business owners and representatives about their challenges and current sticking points.


During the discussion, we shared the mistakes and lessons we learned in similar situations while giving advice and tips. Our Certified STUCK Advisor, Chuck, was in attendance as well to offer his advice to the group. Chuck is a passionate advisor that specializes in helping new and established businesses improve their financial health.


Are You Stuck?

Are you stuck in that current state? Are you looking for an easier way to get everyone unified? Have you started to create your succession plan?

Contact us to learn more about participating in another round table discussion with fellow entrepreneurs and leaders to share stories, get advice, and get unstuck.

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