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We Provide Sustainable Business Growth Strategies and Tools

You are a business owner or key leader that wants to not only accelerate the growth of your business, but sustain it’s growth.

Small and medium sized businesses have similar obstacles they come across when growing their business. Some of those include:

  • Finding a systematic, quick, and proven method to accelerate your growth
  • Not having or following a business plan
  • Owners only working “in” the business versus “on” it
  • Lack of staff accountability, discipline, rigor, or alignment
  • Too many meetings within inconsistent messaging and takeaways

We’ve been there. That’s why we created, tested, and watched our tools accelerate the growth of previous business to become an international 100M organization. Now, we are providing those same tools to other growth-minded entrepreneurs to help them accelerate and sustain their growth.

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Enhancing Sustainability, Engagement, and Accountability

STUCK Breakthrough Strategies is our proven business advisory process. This process works because it enhances employee empowerment, accountability, and keeps everyone engaged to achieving what is called the single-page business plan. We understand how busy you are, so that’s why we made the process of creating the plan quick. Your business will start with going through the assessment, strategic planning, creation, and deployment of the business plan. After the plan is deployed, your business is immediately impacted due to it’s simplicity and holistic effectiveness.

The next part of the process is the monthly execution cycle. This is where businesses really sustain their growth. This execution process is a disciplined cycle that facilitates achievement of the business plan. It includes aligning staff to the plan through the updating:

30/60/90 Day Financial Forecast

The Targets on the Single-Page Plan

Must Do/Can’t Miss Accountability Items

Status of Key Sales Opportunities

Teams will meet at the end of each month to review how they progressed. Then, they will plan what they will do to improve next month to ensure that the businesses remains on track to achieving the Single-Page Plan.

Business owners, leaders, and key staff will use the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform, our cloud-based business management software as they go through this process. It offers hands-on tools, templates, and resources to use. The time spent in the software each month is intended to be minimal and it is easy to use.

The video below discusses the process and sustainable growth strategies involved.

you can work with an advisor or self-implement

The choice is yours! In both cases, businesses go through the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies process and have access to the same sustainable growth tools.

Working with a professional and certified advisor

This advisor is one that we help pair up with you. All of our advisors are certified and trained on our process and growth tools. You can choose how often you meet with them, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or even quarterly.

Sustainable Self-Implementation

We can personally train one of your employees to lead your business through the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies process. This training comes at no additional cost and includes access to our cloud-based business strategy toolbox, known as the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform.

We understand you probably have your own tools to use in conjunction with our process. That’s why we made our software flexible and adaptable to save you time and to ensure you are still using any other business growth tools that have been effective.


Why Businesses Choose STUCK

STUCK Provides


Proven System

Created, used, and has grown numerous clients


To use existing or new tools that are effective for you

Quick and Sustainable

Process created and used by owners

Tools and Resources

Are adaptable and scalable for all kinds of businesses

Save Time

Streamlined processes with minimal time required in software

To Learn

programs that support mind sharing with other business leaders

Are You Ready To Use These Sustainable Business Growth Strategies?

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We will either pair you with an advisor, or will certify an internal employee

That advisor will take you through our growth process, and you will get to watch your business grow

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