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On Friday, June 7th, 14 businesses came to the recently-opened Lubar Entrepreneurship Center to breakthrough to the next step of their growth journey.

This session was called “Day Zero” and was part of Scale Up Milwaukee’s Growth Accelerator program. This program teaches business owners and leaders the essential skills for scaling businesses.

Paul Schulls from STUCK Inc talking to participants in the Scale Up Milwaukee's Growth Accelerator program about strategic planning.
STUCK Inc. Co-founder, Paul Schulls, speaking to members of the 6th Co-hort of Scale Up Milwaukee’s Growth Accelerator program about single-page business plan creation.

Day Zero included business assessments, strategic planning, Single-Page business plan creation, and a mission and vision statement workshop.

The co-hort was also introduced to the STUCK business advisory group model. This system allows for participants to break into groups to discuss their plan and what they need advice on, while promoting peer-to-peer accountability and support. Members can share advice, best practices, and help each other stay on track to achieving their plan.

Each class will involve members reporting on their progress through the use of STUCK’s business advisory and accountability tools.

Focusing on Growth

STUCK Coaching’s Co-founder, Paul Schulls, started the day with facilitating strategic planning and Single-Page Plan creation. Then, the Growth Accelerator members broke out and helped each other write their plans.

Schulls circulated the room to provide guidance and ideas for how they could achieve their plan. The business advisor provided objective and subjective measurements that members could include.

Paul Schulls from STUCK LLC helping members of the Growth Accelerator program write business plans.
Members of the Growth Accelerator program worked together to write business plans.

After the business plans were created, Scale Up Milwaukee’s Executive Director, Elmer Moore, spoke about creating effective vision and mission statements.

Elmer Moore worked Co-Hort 6 participants write vision and mission statements for their single page plan.

The Growth Accelerator program will continue until the end of fall. However, a new co-hort will start in 2020.

After the conclusion for the year, members will be able to continue participating in peer-to-peer support groups. Paul Schulls facilitates these groups year-round. Currently, he is watching Growth Accelerator alumni succeed as they take advantage of these groups and tools.

Paul Schulls talking about what's next for members of the Growth Accelerator program.
Paul Schulls talking about the Growth Accelerator program and what’s next for the co-hort.

Are You Ready?

Interested businesses can contact Elmer Moore at to talk about applying to the 7th co-hort of the Growth Accelerator program.

STUCK Coaching is currently accepting businesses into their round tables. Please contact us if you own or lead a business that is ready to breakthrough.

Scale Up Milwaukee, STUCK Coaching, and the Lubar School of Business work together to put the Growth Accelerator program together. Pictured above is the administration for the course.
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