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We asked our newest Certified STUCK Advisor, Julie Cosich Collins, how she impacts businesses. She responded right away “On average, I have contributed to the annual revenue growth of different businesses by over 30%.

Julie Cosich Collins

How does she do this? Julie has worked cross-departmentally to develop teams, incorporate Lean, create results-oriented marketing strategies, and onboard (and retain!) customers. She breaks down the silos and brings value to multiple areas of business to sustain its growth.

Now, she wants to use her diverse skillset to help more businesses grow. Julie owns KnotMagic, a business development firm, that helps businesses create and execute strategic business plans through marketing processes, generating sales, training employees and targeting ideal customers.

“What I like about STUCK Breakthrough Strategies is that their tools are simplified. Their processes focus on aligning teams to a strong strategic planning and execution process. I see that businesses typically get stuck when they don’t have a process that is simplified, or if they don’t have a process at all!” Julie said about our partnership.

Focusing on the Future State

One of the reasons we are excited to partner with Julie is her “why” statement. She has a passion for developing individuals and helping them grow in their careers.  

Julie was a recent recipient for the 2020 US Bank/Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce’s “Ladies Who Lead” award for the Non-Profit Category for her volunteer leadership of the Cedarburg Education Foundation.

2020 “Ladies That Lead” award winners

In addition, Julie is an advocate for women’s leadership. She is part of several business groups for women entrepreneurs. Her focus is to help both high-potential women leaders get to the next level in their careers and help business owners scale their businesses. Currently, she is working to start her own roundtable for female business owners and leaders. Her roundtable will revolve around members remaining accountable to their business plans while discussing their actions for the next 30, 60, and 90 days.

When not working, Julie also lives to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders.   For the last 5 yeas, she has led (as a volunteer) as President of the Cedarburg Education Foundation. The mission of this 501(c)3 is to provide funding for innovative curriculum for the Cedarburg School District.  

Under her leadership, the Foundation grew their revenue by 70% and their Board of Directors by 50%. 

We are lucky to have such an advocate for leadership join the STUCK team. Thanks, Julie, for all the work you do, and we look forward to the impact you have on businesses!

If you want to learn more about Julie Cosich Collins, she can be contacted on LinkedIn, through her website or by phone at 262-389-5526.

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