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You, as a service provider, bring value to your clients through your expertise. Whether you are an investor, work at a bank, or provide other services related to venture capital, human resources, accounting, sales or marketing, you have clients at different stages of their business journey. Some clients are smaller while others are bigger and more established.

 However, as a service provider, you may come across these struggles:

  • Finding a systematic, quick, and proven method to accelerate your clients’ growth
  • Expanding your services to provide a holistic advisory approach
  • Scaling your service business to other areas of the state, region, or country
  • Appreciating an annuity-based revenue stream

You can provide the significant value to your client’s entire operation by providing quick and effective processes, business management tools, and strategies. This will help you both get to the next phase of growth!

At STUCK, we are service providers as well and understand the desire to bring the most value to our clients and partners. That’s why we created, used, and now provide tools, processes, and strategies to grow businesses.

Maximizing Your Value

Our coaching tools and techniques can be used in conjunction to your own service offerings, or they can be a standalone service. Those tools encourage employee empowerment and engagement through the use of a Single-Page Plan. Therefore, business owners will get to spend more time more working “on” the business.

STUCK’s tools have businesses go through the use of the proven process of assessing, planning, creating, and deploying a Single-Page Plan.

After the single-page plan has been deployed, your clients are put on a monthly execution process. The ability to execute is where the plan comes to life as staff becomes more engaged in the business!

This execution process is a disciplined cycle that facilitates achievement of the business plan. It includes updating:

Must Do/Can’t Miss Accountability Items

Status of Key Sales Opportunities

30/60/90 Day Financial Forecast

The Targets on the Single-Page Plan

To maximize the effectiveness of this cycle, teams will gather at the end of the month to go over the month’s progress and update “who needs to do what, by when” to drive achievement to the plan.

This plan, as well as it’s accountability, execution, and financial tools, are housed in the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform, our cloud-based business management software. These tools require a minimal amount of time to use and are easy to access.

The video below discusses the process and growth strategies involved.

Making Sure Your Clients Grow

After you have your clients utilize the STUCK business management tools, you get to decide how often you want to check in with them. This can be once a week, month, or quarter. You may have your own tools to use in conjunction with our process, so we made the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform flexible and adaptable to accommodate your tools and techniques as well.

The STUCK Breakthrough Strategies process is deployed with a Certified STUCK Advisor, which can be someone in your business that we certify. Or, it can be someone we help you find. There is no charge for certification, and we vet all candidates to ensure all partners will bring value to their small to midsized clients.

Similarly, you can have different clients get together, as a group, on a monthly basis and talk through the status of their Single-Page Plans. These business strategy groups or roundtables provides extra value for your client as they share best practices, reinforce accountability, ask for advice and personally develop their skills by advising their peers. STUCK assists in putting together your groups.


How Will I Benefit From Using STUCK’s Process and Tools?

Growth Tools

are used within entire business

Organized Data

for advisors & clients within software

Increased Loyalty

from clients when you put them on a proven growth system

increased revenue

from annuity based work vs. only project based

You Become

trusted & a valued coach


to use your tools with STUCK’s

Adaptable Tools

to use when clients grow

How to Bring These Business Tools to Clients

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Together, we will create a custom growth solution

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