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Get Unstuck
by Jerry M. Jendusa, Co-Founder
Every business owner, at some point in his or her journey, gets stuck. Get Unstuck was written to provide insight, helpful tips, and relatable anecdotes for your business.

Entrepreneurs have the ability to create great ideas and innovative thoughts. However, oftentimes these entrepreneurs struggle with implementing, maintaining, and growing their initial ideas into a successful, growth-oriented, and well-established enterprise. Our book, Get Unstuck, helps bridge the gap to standardize entrepreneurialism while maintaining a culture of growth.

Here’s what we cover in the book:

  • Finding the Right Partners
  • Business Valuations
  • Identifying Your Niche
  • Appreciating the Value of Suppliers
  • And more!
  • Executing or Deploying Your Single-Page Plan
  • Establishing Your Culture
  • Letting Go: Getting Out of Your Own Way
  • Succession/Exit Planning
Get Unstuck starts by first identifying the entrepreneur and why he or she is doing this in the first place. Whether a startup or running an established business, the business leader should determine what the vision of growth actually looks like.

Funding of this growth and the importance of understanding your market niche and customer needs are critical areas where many get stuck.

Get Unstuck introduces the single-page plan as a means to set strategic initiatives and targets for the five pillars of business: growth, customers, innovation, productivity, and people (GPTW).

Remember: business does not have to be all that complicated, as long as all employees are on the same page, accountable, and empowered to be a part of the company’s success. The culture of growth is maximized by hiring the right people and getting out of their way. This is easier said than done, and oftentimes the owner or founder is the limiting factor to the growth. Courage to give up control is gained by getting everyone on the same page around the vision and purpose of the company. You now can give up control and still be in control of your business.

Get Unstuck serves as a tool for learning about STUCK Breakthrough Strategies as well as a supplementary tool for utilizing the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform. This book was written to help small businesses understand the history, creation, and purpose of STUCK’s proven strategies while they start or continue their own entrepreneurial journeys.

When a business owner reads the book, they will have insight into how to help their business grow, which will prove invaluable while they use the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform.

Jerry M. Jendusa is the cofounder of STUCK Management, STUCK Fund 1, STUCK Coaching, and the creator of STUCK Breakthrough Strategies®. He has a proven track record of starting up and growing an aerospace company from his basement to over $100 million in revenue with minimal funding primarily through organic growth.

Mr. Jendusa has devoted his second half to helping other small business owners get unstuck. Currently he advises, invests in, and speaks on behalf of simplifying small business growth. He is a 2014 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year and is the current co-chair of Scale Up Milwaukee as well as a mogul on Milwaukee’s own shark tank, Project Pitch It.

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