Meet Our Advisor, Chuck

The STUCK Breakthrough Strategies® Platform

We had the opportunity to meet, get to know, and recognize Chuck Harris as a Certified STUCK Advisor. He will work with businesses to help them “get unstuck” by using our strategies and tools paired with his own skills and expertise.

A Little Bit About Chuck

Chuck is passionate about helping new and established businesses improve their financial health.  He is a Credit and Finance Specialist with Credit Matters of Appleton Wisconsin and Options Lending Group in Milwaukee. He coaches business owners with negative credit and financial issues, to qualify for and obtain financing to start grow or refinance a business, after their loan applications have been rejected by a bank. Since the start of his career, he has started his own business, led teams, worked with clients, and is now determined to use these experiences as a STUCK adviser.

On the side, Chuck founded the Excellence in Business Entrepreneurs Round Table, a place where member business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs spend two hours each month escaping the “tyranny of the urgent,” to work on their businesses instead of in their businesses. In this supportive environment, the focus is to help members to become less busy, more effective and get their businesses on track towards long term sustainability. He has been involved in many charitable and service organizations as well as advisory boards.

As someone who has “been there, done that”, Chuck values the importance of positive thinking, humility, and hard-work that is needed to build and sustain a successful business. “Your business decisions determine your financial destiny, not your circumstances,” Chuck said, “better outcomes are always possible, provided you think differently and take actions that move you toward the outcome you desire”.

A Valued Partnership

When asked about why he chose STUCK Breakthrough Strategies as a way to navigate his clients’ growth, he said “The STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform is a perfect vehicle to accelerate the process of continuous improvement in the 5 Pillars of Success for any business. STUCK’s Single-Page Plan improves the decision making process for companies that want to grow faster”.

Just recently, Chuck joined Jim Rosetti and Ron Neilson on the Biz Connection radio show. He discussed STUCK’s book, Get Unstuck, the value behind the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies process, and the new STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform.

We want to thank Chuck for having the invaluable drive to help businesses grow. To learn more about Chuck, as well as get in contact with him to talk about how he can help your business, please click here.

Become a Certified STUCK Advisor

STUCK is actively looking for talented, driven, and qualified advisors to help businesses achieve a systematic approach to a culture of growth. Click here or contact us to learn more about how we can partner.

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