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STUCK Coaching welcomes Kathy Scherbarth as their newest Certified STUCK Advisor. Kathy will be using STUCK’s tools to drive the growth of her clients and will also serve as a group facilitator for The Paranet Group’s Business Strategy Groups.

Kathy Scherbarth spent 4 decades in the automotive industry and has turned into a small business owner that lives to coach business leaders and owners. “I have lead and managed almost every part of business, so I understand the relationships and dynamics that need to exist between them to make the business thrive” she stated.

Kathy will use STUCK Inc.’s tools to facilitate her individual and group advisory sessions.

Her extensive resume includes being the Vice President of Operations, Aftermarket, Commercial and Service Sales for STRATTEC Security Corporation, and being the Chief Marketing and Development Officer for GPS Education Partners.

Businesses come to her if they need help with their strategic vision, business plan execution, or increasing their sales. She is passionate about manufacturing and has dedicated her career to being a continuous student within this industry.

A Process Based Approach

What separates Kathy from other executive coaches is that she focuses on closing the gap between being process driven and seeing the big picture. She takes pride in using processes to drive revenue in businesses. In fact, she has increased revenue from zero in both customer product lines and in her own business.

She will be using the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies tools and software with her clients to help them accelerate their growth. “What I like about the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform tool is that it’s a well-designed, process orientated tool that links the strategic plan to a monthly review of those tasks and actions that are necessary to achieve the plan. It keeps people accountable.”

Kathy Scherbarth also mentioned how the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform keeps managing businesses simple and focuses on results. It isn’t another mechanism that businesses have to monitor, and it will never be. It’s flexible and allows for the advisor to work with the business owner or leadership team in a way that works for them. They can use their own expertise and tools as well.

Alongside Paranet

Along with having her own advising business, Kathy Scherbarth LLC, she is a Group Director with The Paranet Group, a coaching organization that emphasizes in developing manufacturing leaders and owners.

In Spring 2019, Paranet and STUCK Coaching partnered to offer an innovative way to execute peer advisory groups. These Business Strategy Groups will focus on organized and efficient discussion on each other’s real business issues, best practices, and will help each other remain accountable.

The Paranet Group's Business Strategy Groups

When Kathy was asked about what she is most excited about with these groups, she said “I want to develop the next level of manufacturing leaders. This is an effective way that I can do just that and this is how I want to give back.”

Learn More

Kathy Scherbarth specializes with advising manufacturing businesses. You can learn more about her by looking at her Linkedin profile.

Contact STUCK to learn more about group advisory sessions, becoming an advisor, or to learn about our training and development tools.

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