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Growing STUCK-Owned Company Helps Thousands of Animals Each Year

Posted on September 17, 2019 by Morgan Plagenz

In August 2019, STUCK-owned business, MediVet Biologics, packed up their facility and moved to a new location just outside of Lexington, Kentucky. Their new location will be able to accommodate for their growing business. They offer regenerative medicine to treat cancer, ligament, and joint issues for our pets.

The leaders and staff will take advantage of this new space to focus on innovation and expanding their solutions.

MediVet offers their medicine to veterinarians to use with patients. The regenerative medicine provider has veterinarians using their products in all fifty states.  Case studies, success stories and pictures of these pets can be found on MediVet’s website.

This is the story of Maggie, a stem cell patient who was treated in 2018. Watch below to see her amazing journey!

A Growth Minded Partnership

MediVet was purchased by the business advisory firm, STUCK, in 2015.  STUCK Co-Founder, Jerry Jendusa, is a pet lover himself.

“MediVet works to provide solutions for animal health. They support the veterinarian industry while improving the lives of pets and their owners.”

-Jendusa said of the decision to pursue the company

To the right – a picture of Jendusa and his dog.

Formerly, the co-founders of STUCK grew their basement startup into an 100M international organization. Now, they provide their growth model to other likeminded businesses.

We talked to MediVet’s president, Thomas Masterson, about their growth. “STUCK helped us to unify our staff by creating and using the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies tools,” he stated, “they focus us on the growth of our company through our customers.”

STUCK advocates business growth through the focus on customers. Masterson recited a time when Jendusa helped them create an organizational chart.

“Instead of putting the president on top of the chart, like most would do, Jerry put the customers on top of the chart,” Masterson said, “that really helped establish our culture and we are thankful for that”.

An infographic showing that stats of the animals MediVet has treated
MediVet Biologics offers innovative, safe and effective biologic treatments for thousands of pets each year.

The Grand Opening

On August 23, 2019, MediVet hosted an opening day party for the new building.

The new MediVet building
MediVet Biologics New Building, located in Lexington, Kentucky, offers more room for the regenerative solutions provider to innovative and expand their solutions.

Food trucks, veterinarians, food trucks, members of the community, and a local radio station came by to celebrate the next step of MediVet’s growth.

Jessamine Country Animal Shelter conducted a dog adoption drive during the event. All dogs were free and have since been adopted!

Additionally, Jessamine County Circuit County Judge David West was in attendance to swear in their newest police dog.

Lastly, Kentucky Sports Radio (KSR) came by to do a live broadcast. They talked about the event, MediVet, and streamed the show to their 1000s of listeners.

Kentucky Sports Radio doing a live broadcast at the MediVet Event
Kentucky Sports Radio is the largest radio show in Kentucky, with 21 radio station affiliates across the state. Above, they are doing a live broadcast to their listeners!

The Future of MediVet

Thomas Masterson said that, with the new building, they hope to extend their innovation initiatives and continue to improve the lives of dogs, cats, and horses.

We, the STUCK team, wish MediVet continued success and look forward to continuing our partnership!

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