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How to Strategically Scale Your Advising Business

You are a business growth advisor that has an invaluable drive to help your clients grow. The reality is that you are not alone. In fact, the number of people working in the business coaching and advisory market has been noticeably increasing since 2014. This is great to hear, but it also means that it may be time to find new ways to differentiate yourself and accelerate the growth of your own business. As you plan to strategically grow your advising practice, you could be looking for the following solutions:

  • Finding a systematic, quick, sustainable, and proven method to accelerate your clients’ growth
  • Expanding your services to provide a holistic advisory approach
  • Scaling your service business to other areas of the state, region, or country
  • Appreciating an annuity-based revenue stream vs. project based revenue

We, at STUCK, have created, tested, and watched our coaching tools accelerate the growth of businesses. Now, we are providing those same tools to other business growth advisors to help them scale their clients businesses, as well as their own!

Our Process and Coaching Tools Mixed With Your Expertise

You can provide the STUCK business coaching tools to your clients while continuing to use your own techniques and resources.

STUCK Breakthrough Strategies is our proven business advisory growth process. This process involves businesses going through the cycle of assessing, planning, creating, and deploying a Single-Page Plan. The creation of this plan is quick and is meant to immediately impact your client’s business.

After the single-page business plan has been deployed, your clients are put on a monthly execution process. This is where businesses really sustain their growth for lasting results. This execution process is a disciplined cycle that facilitates achievement of the business plan. It includes aligning staff to the plan through updating:

30/60/90 Day Financial Forecast

The Targets on the Single-Page Plan

Must Do/Can’t Miss Accountability Items

Status of Key Sales Opportunities

Teams will meet at the end of the each month to review how they progressed. Then, they will plan what they will do to improve next month to ensure that the business remains on track to achieving the Single-Page Plan.

Advisors, like you, use the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform, our cloud-based business management software as they go through this process. It offers hands-on tools, templates, and resources for business growth advisors to use as they help their clients scale. Certified advisors can have their own account that oversees their clients accounts (this makes data and content management easier!).

The video below discusses the process and growth strategies involved.

Create the Solution that Works For You

After you have your clients utilize the STUCK business coaching tools, you get to decide how often you want to check in with them. This can be once a week, month, or quarter.

We understand you probably have your own tools to use in conjunction with our process, so we made the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform flexible and adaptable to accommodate your own business coaching tools and techniques as well. Coaches also have the ability to have the Platform white labeled for them.

Similarly, you can have different clients get together, as a group, on a monthly basis and talk through the status of their Single-Page Plans. This peer advisory group model provides extra value for your client as they can share best practices, reinforce accountability, ask for advice and grow even more by advising their peers. STUCK will be able to assist and has services for putting together your groups.


Why Our Advisors Chose To Become Certified

STUCK Provides


Innovative Solutions

related to peer advisory groups and one-on-one programs

Efficient Advising

Growing current clients and adding new ones


to use your own coaching tools, skills, and expertise

Invaluable Knowledge

that you are helping businesses grow and creating jobs

Increased Revenue

in annuity based work vs. just project based

Enhanced Credibility

Ability to White Label Software

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