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Our Partners

STUCK Breakthrough Strategies would not be possible without the many trusted Certified STUCK Advisors who help facilitate and advise clients. We also want to thank the organizations and companies that help us put groups together and work with us to live out our mission of helping businesses grow.

Ascend Talent Strategies

Ascend Talent Strategies is a Milwaukee based consulting firm that helps organizations achieve a higher level of success by delivering evidence‐based insights into their most challenging and ambiguous people issues. They’re experts in using talent to generate tangible business results. They work with leaders, teams, organizations, family businesses, and government agencies, to unlock the power of your people and the potential of your talent.

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Economic Development of Washington County

EDWC serves businesses in Washington County, WI. Their services can be tied directly to the collaboration and support of our three key entities: industry veterans, community leaders and business executives. They believe that when those three work together Washington County’s economy will thrive.

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Foxwood Associates

With clients all across Wisconsin, Foxwood prides themselves on helping clients take advantage of big opportunities every day. With deep industry knowledge, broad capabilities, solid strategic alliances, and decades of hands-on business experience we have what it takes to help them look at challenges from every angle and create solutions that are practical and executable.

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Credit Matters

Since being founded in Wisconsin in 2003, Credit Matters have stayed firm to their mission: to help consumers and business owners increase their credit worthiness. They know what it means to have goals and dreams and have helped numerous clients reach their financial goals through our credit services.

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Matrix Business Resource

Matrix Business Resource partners with clients to provide professional practical marketing solutions that help your business stand out among the competition, and get the right attention from the audiences that matter. They work collaboratively with you to solve difficult business problems, as focuses on meeting your diverse objectives. Matrix is based in San Diego and serves clients nationally.

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Green Up Solutions

Step back from working IN your business and start working ON your business. Green Up’s “Empower” bucket includes regular consultations, projection building tools, and hands-on learning. When you need to get a grip on your business, let Green Up Empower show you just how powerful a total understanding of your business can be. Green Up Solutions is founded, operated, and for veterans.

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We Are Actively Looking for New Partners

Are you the head of a coaching firm looking to scale nationally? How about the executive director of a business association looking to offer new services? STUCK welcomes any and all interested advisors or partners to contact us so we can learn about your goals.

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