Paul Schulls teaching Scale Up Milwaukee Growth Accelerator program

STUCK Facilitated Group Business Planning Session

On Friday, June 7th, 14 businesses came to the recently-opened Lubar Entrepreneurship Center to breakthrough to the next step of their growth journey. This session was called “Day Zero” and was part of Scale Up Milwaukee's Growth Accelerator program. This program teaches business owners and leaders the essential skills for scaling businesses. STUCK Inc. Co-founder, Paul Schulls, speaking to members of the 6th Co-hort of Scale Up Milwaukee's Growth Accelerator program about single-page business plan creation. Day Zero included business assessments, strategic planning, Single-Page business plan creation, and a mission and vision statement workshop. The co-hort was also introduced to…

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June 20, 2019

“Creating a Culture of Growth” Presentation at the IBAW

STUCK Co-Founders Jerry Jendusa and Paul Schulls spoke at the IBAW’s record breaking monthly meeting.   The topic that Jendusa and Schulls spoke to was one that they are all too familiar with: creating a culture of growth.           Jendusa started his previous business, EMTEQ, in his basement in 1996. After many trials, tribulations, assistance, and lessons learned, he was able to sell it. The company just had passed 100M in annual sales.   Along the way, Schulls joined the business to help him form processes and tools that would aid in this growth. “He joined…

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January 22, 2019

Jerry Jendusa Talks Building the Next Generation of Leaders

Jerry Jendusa was one of the 3 keynote speakers for the Institute for Personalized Learning’s National Convening on Personalized Learning event, held on November 14th to November 15th.   This year’s topic: “Thinking like a Start-Up”.     Jendusa gave his unique perspective about thinking and acting like a leader within an entrepreneurial organization that is either in their startup or scale up phase. He shared stories from his entrepreneurial journey and discussed what his advisory business, STUCK Coaching, does to help entrepreneurs.   Speaking in front of around 500 administrators, teachers, faculty and students, Jendusa started his presentation with…

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December 18, 2018

STUCK Talks Strategic Planning with The Paranet Group

The Co-Founders of STUCK, LLC first went around the room and asked what everyone’s pain points were. What brought them to a strategic planning session at 8am on a Tuesday?   Some attendees came because they needed more effective tools to use for their business. Others came because they wanted to try a new planning process. Or, they came because they needed a better way to communicate their goals to their staff.   As the topics varied, everyone had something in common. They all wanted to transform their business from its current state to its ideal future state.   A…

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August 23, 2018

Jerry Jendusa Kicks Off THINC! 2018

What does innovation mean to you?   That’s the question keynote speaker and STUCK Co-Founder Jerry Jendusa asked attendees when he started his presentation at the 2018 Technology and Human Innovation Conference (THINC!).   Attendees answered the question via an online poll as well as in person.  117 people responded to the multiple choice question, with a majority selecting “Being creative and growth oriented”.   The creative mindset, combined with the desire to achieve growth, is how Jerry Jendusa grew his previous business, EMTEQ, from a start-up to an international 100M business. As he relates to this answer the most,…

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May 14, 2018

STUCK Acquired BioCut Systems

STUCK, Inc. announced in November 2017 that they had acquired Milwaukee-based BioCut Systems, a manufacturer of cutting solutions to the bioscience industry specializing in regenerative medicine. STUCK, Inc. acquired 100 percent of BioCut Systems from Mark and Janet Jeske. The sale was completed October 31st for an undisclosed price. STUCK, Inc. was co-founded by Jerry Jendusa, Paul Schulls and Jim Harasha in 2014 after Jendusa sold EMTEQ, the then-New Berlin-based company he founded in 1995. They offer advisory services for business leaders seeking growth and invest in companies they feel can scale with unique product offerings.   The Future for…

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February 12, 2018

Jerry Jendusa is Returning to Project Pitch It

STUCK’s Jerry Jendusa will be returning to the panelist table for the second season of Project Pitch It, Milwaukee’s own version of Shark Tank. Joined by fellow business moguls David Gruber, Tina Chang, Nancy Hernandez, Deb Allen, Jim Lindberg, and Peter Feigin, they will listen to a total of 24 different local entrepreneurs pitch their business idea. These contestants will have the ability to have their products evaluated, ask questions, and win prizes.   As a passionate entrepreneur, Jerry is not only excited to help the show's contestants, but he hopes the show will inspire other local entrepreneurs. For him,…

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January 22, 2018

Biz Times Featured Cover Story

"Get Unstuck" Jendusa sells company and tackles his next challenge. "Fake it 'til you make it" is a fitting mantra for Jerry Jendusa's entrepreneurial journey. Back in 1995, he had five years of aviation industry experience under his belt and was working as a health care technology sales manager. He wanted to use his aviation background to start a new business that created unique, niche products and provided value-added service in the aerospace industry. And the culture of the company must be unique, too. But how could he start a company like that without any manufacturing experience? Enter Jim Harasha,…

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January 01, 2018
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