Stabilization to Propel Future Growth

Quick and Sustinable Crisis Management Tools for your business

How to Beat This Crisis

The Right Tools to Get Your Business Back on Track

Now more than ever, we all feel stuck…and that’s okay. Times of uncertainty lead to new ideas, revenue streams, and efficiencies for businesses. In fact, right now is the best time to pivot your business and help your customers when they need it most.

We can help with that.

Our crisis management tools help small and midsized businesses get back on track by:

  • Going on a systematic, quick, and proven method to accelerate your growth
  • Creating, editing, or updating a simplified business plan to align everyone’s actions to
  • Utilizing an effective & efficient communication schedule with your staff
  • Using virtual tools to enforce accountability and review your business plan
  • Updating a forecast to represent current financials and to take actions off of
  • Managing remote employees with visualization boards
  • Innovating and becoming a solutions provider for your customers. Who knows, you may find a new profitable revenue bucket!

Our crisis management tools are all cloud-based and work exceptionally well over online screen-sharing programs. The system is accessible anywhere which allows for the collaboration of accountability boards and results, regardless of where your team members are located!

This tool is called the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform. It follows the proven strategic planning and execution process that carried us out of The Great Recession stronger than ever. Now, we want to bring the crisis management tools to you.

Our Business Plan Creation and Execution Process

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Stabilization and Growth at your own pace

It’s time to navigate your business through this crisis. An updated business plan that includes your pivot points is essential for maximizing your business’s health. What’s more important, however, are the actions taken off that plan and holding each other accountable to them.

STUCK is offering a proven business advisory process to help businesses first stabilize and then propel their growth. Internal employees are personally trained by STUCK on the advisory process and cloud-based business plan execution tool to ensure that they are on the most effective path to stabilization.

This process works because it enhances employee empowerment, accountability, and keeps everyone engaged to achieving what is called the single-page business plan. We understand how busy you are, so that’s why we made the process of creating the plan quick. Your business will start with going through the assessment, strategic planning, creation, and deployment of the business plan. After the plan is deployed, your business is immediately impacted due to it’s simplicity and holistic effectiveness.

The next part of the process is the monthly execution cycle. This is where accountability and change really takes place. This execution process is a disciplined cycle that facilitates achievement of the business plan. It includes aligning staff to the plan through the updating:

30/60/90 Day Financial Forecast

The Targets on the Single-Page Plan

Must Do/Can’t Miss Accountability Items

Status of Key Sales Opportunities

Teams will meet at the end of each month to review how they progressed. Then, they will plan what they will do to improve next month to ensure that the businesses remains on track to achieving the Single-Page Plan.

Business owners, leaders, and key staff will use the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform, our cloud-based business management software as they go through this process. It offers hands-on tools, templates, and resources to use. The time spent in the software each month is intended to be minimal and it is easy to use. We recommend using it for just a few minutes every week!


Why Businesses Choose STUCK

STUCK Provides


Proven System

Created, used, and has grown numerous clients


To use existing or new tools that are effective for you

Quick and Sustainable

Process created and used by owners

Tools and Resources

Are adaptable and scalable for all kinds of businesses

Save Time

Streamlined processes with minimal time required in software


minimal monthly or annual fee so you can focus on growth

Are You Ready To Pivot?

Contact us so we learn about your goals

We will train an internal champion employee, at no additional cost, to facilitate this process.

Through accountability and alignment, you will get to watch your business grow.

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