The STUCK Breakthrough
Strategies Platform

An All-in-one Tool to Grow Your Business


Helping You Get Unstuck

We created the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform to serve as the navigation for small to midsized businesses to achieve a systematic approach to growth. It is a cloud-based product that is based off our process, strategies, and tools that we used to grow our company, EMTEQ, from a basement start-up to an international 100M business.

Businesses will use the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform with either an internal (facilitating employee of the business) or an external (outside of the business) Certified STUCK Advisor. These advisers will work hands-on with the business as they go through the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies process.

As businesses go through our process, they will have the resources to help them get unstuck from any inflection point they are in. The Platform will guide businesses through our time-activated, simple, and organized process of assessing, planning, deploying, and executing the Single-Page Plan.

To heighten the awareness and accountability required for a successful execution of the Single-Page Plan, teams will conduct a Monthly Action Plan (MAP) Meeting to review the status of their:

  • 30/60/90 Forecast
  • Sales War Room
  • Single-Page Plan targets
  • Must Do/Can’t Miss items (used to keep teams on track to achieving those targets)

The business owner, key stakeholders, and the advisor will have access to numerous tools to help along in the process. These tools help with the development of hard-skills to soft-skills, by offering different exercises, instructions, examples, and templates. These tools can help the facilitating adviser conduct an activity, a leader with talent development, or the leadership team manage the 30/60/90 Must Do/Can’t Miss Board.

Along with the process of executing the Single-Page Plan, the Platform has different features that promote the communication, accountability, and rigor that is needed for successful execution:
Managing the 30/60/90 Must Do/Can’t Miss Board
Adding, editing, and emailing information about events aligned with the Single-Page Plan
A built-in calendar that can sync to your work or personal calendar
Viewing the dashboard which includes reports about your team and business’ progress
Assigning responsibilities aligned with the deployment of the Single-Page Plan
Access and utilization of numerous tools
Hands-on creation of your budget and the generation of your forecast
The STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform follows a unique model of systematic entrepreneurialism which provides the strategies, tools, and courage to move your business to the next level.
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