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What it’s Like

We are inviting flexible, ambitious, and qualified individuals from all different backgrounds to become Certified STUCK Advisors. Our advisers will guide businesses through our time-activated, simple, and organized process of assessing, creating, deploying and executing the Single-Page Plan. They will facilitate the creation of the plan’s Strategic Deployment Initiatives and targets aligned with the 5 pillars of business: Financial Growth, Customer Delight, Innovation, Productivity and Great Place to Work.

Certified STUCK Advisers will serve their clients by following our process, strategies, and tools. Both advisors and their clients will use the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform as a means to help them optimize their relationship with their clients.

Certified STUCK Advisors will use the Platform to guide them:

  • Through yearly creation and monthly execution of the Single-Page Plan
  • With numerous tools to help them be successful at any part of the process
  • To organize and securely store their customer’s work, and their own, within the Platform
  • To successful administration and management of all their customers’ accounts through their own “one-stop shop” advising account

The Platform serves as a simple and organized walkthrough of our process for our advisors to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their services. Listed below are other benefits of becoming a Certified STUCK Advisor.

Learn more about the platform



related to growing current companies while efficiently adding new ones to advise

Working for Yourself

with a rewarding and financially successful venture

Invaluable knowledge

that you are helping businesses grow and creating jobs


as advisors will pay a one-time fee to stay certified


to use your own tools, skills, and expertise


to work the hours you want or need

STUCK Provides

the systems and tools to create and execute plans

The Process

Part of the certification process is one-on-one or small group training. Depending on the location of the advisor, training will either be in-person or online and will encompass the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies process, how to use the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies Platform, and how to combine the two. Advisers who complete the training will become certified and will be available to start finding and serving their clients. We will partner with our advisors by communicating the leads we get when telling our EMTEQ story, whether it’s through our speaking engagements or our book, Get Unstuck.

Follow-up training will be available, if needed, when advisors have already acquired clients. STUCK will be available to answer questions over phone, email, or, in special circumstances, online. To learn more about becoming a Certified STUCK Advisor, please contact us!

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