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Sustaining Great Results During and After a Crisis

By now you have been through the shock of the world literally seeming like it changed overnight. You have adapted to this “new norm”.  Whether you like it or not, this change could be with us for 12 to 18 months. Some areas of business may never fully change back.  Successful organizations have increased communications, pivoted with new innovations, cut costs, became more efficient, and surely have changed in a world where most people simply don’t like change. Even if your business has skyrocketed during these unpredictable times, you may be wondering when your industry will soften.  We all need…

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June 23, 2020
Andy Oliver Certified STUCK Advisor

Former STUCK Client Now Advises Businesses with Same Tools

Every business owner gets to a point in their business journey where they feel stuck: where they are doing a great job running the business, but not enough time is being spent on working “on” the business to propel it’s growth. Going through this stage should be embraced as it presents an opportunity to try new things that could lead to the acceleration of a business’ growth. Andy Oliver has been there, asked for help, grew, and eventually sold his business with a great result. He is a former client of STUCK Coaching, and now wants to help other entrepreneurs!…

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June 02, 2020
Julie Cosich Collins STUCK

STUCK Advisor Grows Businesses by 30% Annually

Growth-Oriented Results. We asked our newest Certified STUCK Advisor, Julie Cosich Collins, how she impacts businesses. She responded right away “On average, I have contributed to the annual revenue growth of different businesses by over 30%. Julie Cosich Collins How does she do this? Julie has worked cross-departmentally to develop teams, incorporate Lean, create results-oriented marketing strategies, and onboard (and retain!) customers. She breaks down the silos and brings value to multiple areas of business to sustain its growth. Now, she wants to use her diverse skillset to help more businesses grow. Julie owns KnotMagic, a business development firm, that…

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April 06, 2020
team working together business crisis management

Business Perseverance During Challenging Times

Times like these bring some of the most unique changes we will see in businesses. The dotcom age, 9/11, and the economic reform of 2008 were major moments of regrouping, changing, and coming out more positive in the end. Now more than ever, leadership is very essential for unifying businesses, especially as we face a moral debate of the COVID-19 epidemic. I handled 2001 differently than I should have for my company. However, I learned from my mistakes and ended up leading us through the 2008 crisis more effectively. We ended up coming out stronger than ever as a business!…

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March 26, 2020

This Essential Step in Strategic Planning Can Be Overlooked

It’s strategic planning season again! While you envision to make 2020 you best year ever, don’t forget a couple essential exercises to your planning. These two smaller steps are not commonly done by businesses, but they can be argued as most essential! Please use this article as a step-by-step guide to easily implementing these steps. Step 1: Engage select staff beyond your leadership team in your strategic planning. It’s easy to do this. The following ways are different parts of strategic planning that they should be involved in. First, have them contribute to the SWOT you create. Your staff knows…

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December 11, 2019

How to Give Yourself More Time

Early in my career I really struggled with managing my time.  There simply was never enough time in the day for me to help in all the areas that needed it. —or that I thought needed it.     I was the CEO and co-founder of a growing aerospace business called EMTEQ. My day would consist of checking over 200 emails, returning phone calls, and working through a task list that never ended. Some of these tasks consisted of handling the day to day management to make sure things got done, problems got solved, and that all stakeholders were taken care of.   Sound…

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October 21, 2019
Group picture of MediVet Staff in front of New building

Growing STUCK-Owned Company Helps Thousands of Animals Each Year

In August 2019, STUCK-owned business, MediVet Biologics, packed up their facility and moved to a new location just outside of Lexington, Kentucky. Their new location will be able to accommodate for their growing business. They offer regenerative medicine to treat cancer, ligament, and joint issues for our pets. The leaders and staff will take advantage of this new space to focus on innovation and expanding their solutions. MediVet offers their medicine to veterinarians to use with patients. The regenerative medicine provider has veterinarians using their products in all fifty states.  Case studies, success stories and pictures of these pets can…

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September 17, 2019
Working On Vs In Your Business STUCK Business Advising

How to Make More Time to Work “On” Your Business

Business coaches will typically tell owners that they should work more “on” their business instead of “in” it. As businesses grow, the major limiting factor becomes the leader’s bandwidth and ability to do this. Eventually, they can no longer do the heavily lifting on their own. In order to overcome this, we promote the idea of creating a “culture of growth” within the organization. This culture comes alive when staff is engaged with driving growth. However, this idea is abstract in nature. Here is a simple guide that breaks down this idea into mechanical steps that create habits necessary to…

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July 23, 2019
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