Is your company STUCK material?

Criteria for STUCK to invest capital into a business (could range from 5m to 20m)

  • Size of business: Approximately 5m – 20m in business value
  • Products are within a vertical (niche) market (barriers to entry exist and expandable market may be smaller than larger players would want to service)
  • Product type is high mix/low volume (customized product/service offerings where small businesses can flourish)
  • Product or service is proprietary in nature
  • There are opportunities to be the sole source supplier/provider (only one supplier or part number is specified, creating a high margin opportunity)
  • Growth potential is high through additional content offerings or additional customers
  • There is diversification of order types (long term contracts exist, as well as quick order turns, to eliminate high levels of volatility)
  • Right level of customers (no customer is greater than 25% of the overall revenue)
  • Advanced or leading type of technology industry
  • North American location
  • Investment will result in a board position
  • Organization will use STUCK services to drive growth