By partnering with like-minded businesses, we can coach and invest to achieve great results, giving us the opportunity to give back.

Then we step back into a support role and allow them to achieve their desired results. The strategy we formulate with our clients is transparent, with milestones along the way to ensure satisfaction and results. We believe that by coaching and investing in the right business for us, we can create growth opportunities for the business, its owner, leaders and staff. For more details on our investing criteria, take a look at our Business Investments page. By being very fortunate in past business ventures, we feel a personal responsibility to give back to the community, whether it’s offering our services, providing financial support and sponsorship or through fundraising for the charities we believe in. We want to invest in those in need, with the higher purpose of providing relief and creating new opportunities for those who desire such but may not otherwise have the opportunities. As you can see by our mission, in choosing to work with STUCK, you too will make the world a better place.



In order to drive substantial and sustainable growth, owners/leaders of growing companies need to work ON the business and not IN the business.

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Criteria for STUCK to invest capital into a business…

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Because we were very fortunate in past business endeavors, we feel a personal responsibility to give back to our community.

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Small businesses have generated over 65% of new jobs since 1995 – Bureau of Labor Stats.

Together, let's create more!

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