Do You Know How to Ask for What You Want, or Are You Just Good At Making Excuses?

I know so many of my clients that have had a lot of trouble asking for what they want. Sometimes it is because they don’t know what it is that they really want. Many people think they know what they want, only to discover when they get it that it isn’t really fulfilling. Others know they don’t want what they have, but have little or no idea what they do want.
So first ask yourself, “Do I know what I really want?” If you get a clear answer, great! If not, take a few deep breaths, and close your eyes. Keep asking, “What do I really want?” Just listen to hear the answer. Once you do, write it down. Look at it. Feel it. Does it feel right to you?
Now that you know what you really want. What has been keeping you from getting it? If you come up with excuses, then that is truly what has been keeping you from it, your excuses.
Instead of letting excuses prevent you from attaining your dream, why not ask for what you want?
Knowing how to ask for what you want and getting it is an art. Most people are better at asking for what they say they don’t want. I have had clients that ask for EXACTLY what they don’t want. I hear them saying things that I am so clear will get them the opposite of what they say they want. I see it clearly, but they can’t see it.
So if you want to know if you have been asking incorrectly or not at all, look at your results. Do you have what you really want? If not, read on.

If you declare your desires to the world, and you get something different, there is a subconscious part that is asking for what you got. I know this sounds a bit crazy, but it’s true. There may be a part of your that doesn’t feel deserving, or doesn’t want to change or do something different, or may be afraid of failing, or afraid of succeeding, because then what?
So get clear on what you really want and then set up a plan on how to get that. Then feel what it will be like when you have achieved it. Feel that feeling. Anchor that feeling with a physical motion. Whenever you feel like you can’t create your dreams, repeat the anchor motion, and feel that feeling again. Then breathe and take another action step toward your goal, and soon you will have it!
Try this and see for yourself!
Be your best,

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