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Ready for Takeoff — The sky is the limit for Emteq

Over the past 12 years, New Berlin-based Emteq Inc. has evolved from a basement startup company to a global aerospace supplier specializing in airline components, lighting, engineering and certification that expects $100 million in revenues by 2010. The firm’s customers are primarily the military, aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and...

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Biz Times Featured Cover Story

“Get Unstuck” Jendusa sells company and tackles his next challenge. “Fake it ’til you make it” is a fitting mantra for Jerry Jendusa’s entrepreneurial journey. Back in 1995, he had five years of aviation industry experience under his belt and was working as a health care technology sales manager. He...

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Emteq: A culture of innovation

By: Christine McMahon: This is a story about Emteq, an American dream-come-true built on a culture of innovation. Founded in 1996, Emteq is a worldwide leader in the production and supply of innovative products for the aviation industry. Like a number of other great companies, Emteq began in its founder’s...

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