“Kids deserve the best. This phrase is so much more than a tagline at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. It guides us in the work we do every day and keeps us committed to service excellence. We have been partners with Jerry for over 10 years, working to raise needed funds to support child advocacy programs. We are honored to partner with STUCK – because they share our passion and together we are committed to providing the best and safest care to kids.”

Jeff Stewart, VP and COO—Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation, Inc

“For as labor intensive as it was, our performance review process seemed to fall short in driving staff development. Paul from STUCK listened to our concerns; helped us pinpoint the problems; brought innovative ideas to resolve the issues; and was a driver throughout implementation working seamlessly with our human resources consultant, HR ala Carte, LLC. Our new process helps us effectively focus on the advancement of our staff, and in the short time we have been using this process, we have seen significant improvements in the growth of individuals and considerable steps in moving toward our firm goals.”

Kathy Bennett, Managing Partner—Komisar Brady & Co., LLP

“Jerry Jendusa is a total entrepreneur! He demonstrated his genius across the entire entrepreneurial spectrum…from identifying an attractive niche in the market, assembling a great collaborative team, growing EMTEQ into an international company with innovation, strategic thinking and execution, creating real value for his stakeholders, finding a strategic buyer consistent with his values, and on top of all, ‘giving back’ to the community which nurtured his entrepreneurial aspirations and talents!

In the midst of a hectic entrepreneur’s life, Jerry always found time to visit MBA classes at our Lubar School to share his experiences and insights about launching, leading, and growing a successful company with aspiring entrepreneurs! He hired several of our students as ‘entrepreneur interns’ at EMTEQ, and personally ensured that they received a rich mix of experiences which proved invaluable to them whether they pursued entrepreneurial or corporate careers later. At his alma mater, we congratulate Jerry Jendusa on his entrepreneurial accomplishments and thank him for his spirit of service to the community! We wish him the best of success as he embarks on new entrepreneurial endeavors!”

V. Kanti Prasad, Ph.D., Bostrom Professor of Entrepreneurship—University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“I had the pleasure of working with Jerry, Jim & Paul for eight years and would recommend them for a number of roles. Jim & Paul taught me the value of process adherence to a quality system, it becomes a platform for innovation that pays dividends later as the company grows. Jerry’s gifts are many, chief among them is Jerry’s focus on outcomes. Jerry keeps strategies simple & clear, encouraging implementation by all employees in the customers value stream to achieve the desired outcome. “

Matt Trotter, Chief Development Officer

“Jerry and Paul have conducted programs for the leadership team at First Business Bank Milwaukee and some of our best clients with energizing and tangible results.Their subject matter is diverse , breadth of knowledge very deep and delivery very substantive and practical. Their candor around successes shared and tough lessons learned is refreshing , entertaining and grounded in real life experiences and varying economic cycles. If you are genuinely interested in personal and professional growth and engaging in open and honest dialogue to that end , you will not be disappointed when engaging Jerry and Paul and getting Unstuck… It is our privilege to have an ongoing relationship with these gentlemen and most certainly, we are better for it … And you will be too!!

Dave Vetta, President/CEO—First Business Bank

“We have invited Jerry to speak to our MMAC member businesses on several occasions – from small group settings to COSBE’s Future 50 crowd of more than 600. Each time, he has delivered tangible takeaways for the audience. He is a humble expert on helping businesses understand the cultures they are building and how they can cultivate great talent to reach their goals.”

Julie Granger, Vice President—MMAC

“Stepping into a Vice President role, I found the scope to be quite broad . Each functional area reporting to me had a unique agenda and needs requiring me to quickly establish a process whereby I would be consistently organized and could continually communicate priorities. After speaking with Paul, at STUCK, we tweaked my approach to not only remain organized and prioritized, but also use the new tool and method to visually communicate the 30/60/90 day plan to ensure staff understanding, buy-in and execution. I would highly recommend using STUCK to assist you in driving your business results too.”

Bill Boerger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing—Hallman Lindsay Paints